Terms & Conditions

Guestsnhost is a self-service application for event organizers to sell their tickets and organize their event. It’s a software as a service as we provide all the tools you need to manage your event; event services are provided by access to our software and tickets are issued electronically.


1. Our platform is responsible for issuing digital ticket to guests via email and SMS when they complete the purchase process at all times with no downtime.

2. Our Platform will provide support for guests on ticket issues before the event date and during the event

3. Our platform will provide access to the check-in system required by the event organizer to check-in guests. As a self-service application we will provide the necessary help to guild the organizers team to get started with using our software.

4. Our system issues a maximum of 2 tickets in each category per purchase

5. If you require our physical support on-site on your event day, we will charge a mobilization fee which is billed per personnel that would be sent. Pricing will include all the necessary itinerary.

6. Our Platform is not Obligated to accept all request for physical support, we

are at our discretion to accept or reject any request for physical support. 7. Our platform is responsible to provide your event access to our large network

of affiliate partners if you choose to allow affiliate sharing.

8. It’s our responsibility to provide analytics regarding your Earnings and affiliates earnings on your event. To give you a breakdown of your remittance.

9. We Provide other Add-on services for event organizers not limited to event promotion, event marketing and event advertisement using third party providers which comes at an added cost to the event organizer. This value added service is not compulsory nor obligatory if chosen it should be PREPAID for


1. We have an official channel of communication which is by email address, all correspondence concerning your event shall be by email with our team for reference purposes.

2. It is required by event organizers to direct all guests’ queries concerning payment issues to the Guestsnhost support team. Supports are not delivered via personal WhatsAPP chats or unofficial phones calls at odd hours, we appeal to please adhere by our official working hours

3. It is the host responsibility to have their own in-house team to manage their event, Guestsnhost primary responsibility is strictly to provide software for use by your team and support on ticketing and payment for guests.

4. It is the host responsibility to market his events to his prospective attendees.


We charge a commission of 7% on each ticket sales and our payment gateway charge a 1.5% + N100 on each ticket sales for Nigerian Payments. We currently partner with paystack to provide a secure payment gateway for all transaction on our software


We boast of a large network of Affiliate Partner and It is Guestsnhost responsibility to disburse the affiliate commission earned from your events after the event has ended


1. Our policy is to remit ticket earnings after the event date to the organizer, after it is confirmed that the event held.

2. Remittance will be disbursed approximately 24hrs after the event date, If the event took place over the weekend/during a public holiday, we would disburse remittance within 24 hours of the next working day.

3. Remittance is always exclusive of Affiliate commissions

4. If commissions are absorbed by host, remittance is exclusive of Payment gateway charges and Guestsnhost software charges. if commissions are passed to guests, we remit the face value of the Ticket cost to host.


1. Host are required to state clearly their refund policy and process when creating their event.

2. If an event is cancelled, we will refund the ticket fee back to the guests excluding payment gateway charges and Guestsnhost software commission.